Committed to the best

At Uptron, it is a core principal of ours only to provide the best of services. We understand the importance of service in maintaining and even building new relationships with our customers. Our goal is to make gaming accessible and affordable for all countries in the Region. Since 1986, we have bridged the gap between retailers and publishers by offering a broad range of products/solutions for retail supply and ensuring on-time deliveries. With 30 years of industry experience and hundreds of retailers already under our belt we are still hungry to bring in more. We have driven and experienced employees ready to work with you to provide solutions that you need.

Retail Solutions and Partnerships

Uptron holds the most comprehensive catalogue of products in the region. We carry a wide range of hardware, software and accessories. Whether you need bulk deliveries or limited unit shipments, Uptron always delivers on time and in full.

We also offer creative solutions such as pre-order initiatives and bundling.

Our product managers proactively manage our key supplier relationships and are constantly seeking to forge new ones. At the same time, our sales staffs work with each individual customer on a one-to-one basis to provide complete awareness of the future and current trends in the ever-expensive gaming world.

Centralised & Local Distribution

Uptron is proud to be the sole distributor of all PlayStation products in this region, as a sole distributor we guarantee the best prices available . We offer a clear, creative route to a market that respects the Sony brand value and maximises profitability for our customers.

We have now expanded into more countries within the region. We now have local offices in UAE, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. This is to further build on our service in providing on-time deliveries and the best prices.

In selective countries, we also hold exclusive distribution rights to various software publishing houses.

For more information regarding our regional offices please click here.

Logistics and Operations

With an extensive range of PlayStation hardware, software and accessories, Uptron offers a one-stop solution to your PlayStation requirements.

We understand the importance of launch days in the gaming world, therefore Uptron only uses state-of-the-art warehouse management systems and remains flexible to ensure our deliveries are fulfilled on time.

Logistics is at the heart of our operations here in Uptron, and is uniquely driven by our customer needs. We continuously develop our processes and systems to meet the ever-changing demands of our partners.

Customer Service

Customer service has always played a key role in supporting Uptron’s sales operation. It also makes us ensure that we continue to give the very best after-sales experience.

With that being said, we are continuously looking to improve. From shipment tracking, invoicing, delivery scheduling, or simply a direct call to our team, we are here to support you at every step of the way.

We are here to help your business grow.